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Learn about polyhedra and tilings while creating colorful kinematic art. Flat style lets you create traditional polyhedra, while curved style smooths your polyhedra into tilings of the sphere, Euclidean plane or hyperbolic plane. Decorate your work with your own pictures, or use the built-in pictures and color palettes. Within each symmetry group, any polyhedron or tiling morphs to any other; for example, you may morph a dodecahedron to an icosahedron, confirming that they share the same symmetries.

KaleidoTile is intended mainly for grades 9-12, but has also found use in college geometry courses (for studying symmetry groups) and in middle schools (for introducing symmetry through art). KaleidoTile comes with a set of questions on Tilings and Symmetry for small group investigation.

Languages Welsh, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese
License Freeware (GNU General Public License)
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12 September 2014 (Version 3.8.2)
Various small improvements
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KaleidoTile for Windows XP or later — more recent hardware (3.4 MB)
KaleidoTile for Windows XP or later — all hardware (3.4 MB)
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With deepest thanks to the translators: Gareth Roberts , Jean-Michel Celibert, Angelo Contardi, 竹内建 (Tatsu Takeuchi), 박하은 (Ha-eun Park) and Atractor

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